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Limousines, exotic cars, and horse-drawn carriages are top picks for wedding transportation

More unconventional choices include motorcycles, horses, two-person bikes, hot-air balloons, and sleighs!

Candy is a new great favor trend for weddings...

Twizzlers, Gummy Bears, Peppermints, Swedish Fish and Pixy Stix...Candy is a new great favor trend for weddings. A customized display table with your all of your favorite candies for your special day!

Why a Wedding Ring is Worn on the Third Finger of the Left Hand:

It was once believed that a vein of blood ran directly from the third finger on the left hand to the heart. The vein was called "vena amori" or "the vein of love." Early writings on matrimonial procedure suggested that it would be appropriate for one's wedding ring to be worn on that special finger.

Source: Ever Wonder Why? Douglas B. Smith / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1992

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