Caterer for Gettysburg, PA

The best caterer for Gettysburg, PA is the Altland House. Have your next Wedding Reception or Special Event Catered at the Majestic Theatre, the best caterer in Gettysburg PA.

Wedding Ceremony Sites Gettysburg PA

There are no better wedding ceremony sites in Gettysburg. So, if it is wedding ceremony sites you are looking for in Gettysburg, you have found the right place in the Majestic Theatre.

Wedding Venue in Gettysburg PA

Looking for a perfect Wedding Venue in Gettysburg PA? The Majestic Theatre is the perfect place to hold a wedding, the most elegant location to serve as a wedding venue in Gettysburg PA.

Banquets in Gettysburg PA

Banquets in Gettysburg PA held at the Majestic Theatre are unforgettable. If not a wedding, why not a banquet in Gettysburg PA at the Majestic Theatre?

Event Space in Gettysburg PA

The perfect, elegant event space in Gettysburg PA. There is no better Event Space in Gettysburg PA.

Meeting Facilities Gettysburg PA

No other Meeting Facilities in Gettysburg PA can compare to the Majestic Theatre. Set yourself apart. The Majestic Theatre offers the perfect Meeting Facility in Gettysburg PA.

Event Planners Gettysburg PA

If it is event planners in Gettysburg PA you need, go to the Altland House Hospitality Group and plan your event for the Majestic Theatre. You will find no better event planners in Gettysburg PA.

  • Majestic Theatre
    Visit our new Majestic Theater website!
    If you're looking for a unique location full of character you've found it at the Majestic! With several event spaces within the Majestic you'll be sure to find the one that suits your entertaining needs. Highlights:
    • 6 unique event spaces for your wedding, reception, party or special event
    • Liquor license with full bar service
    • Historic Theatre dating back to 1925
    • Make it a special night with a Pre-Show Dinner! View Schedule
    • Parking for the Majestic Theatre can be found in the Municipal Garage adjacent to the Theatre

        Event Spaces

        The Main Lobby has a beautiful marble bar, rich furnishings and the capability to hold 100 guests for a reception or other event.

        The Main House can seat up to 200 guests on the stage looking out into the gorgeous theater and 816 in the theatre. With special lighting and sound design available, it doesn't get any more unique than that. Have your name on the marquee and feel like a 'movie star'!

        The Balcony Lobby is another distinguished location at the Majestic for larger parties. The Balcony level is available for events hosting up to 120 guests for a cocktail reception or 100 guests for a served or buffet dinner. Connected to the main lobby by the Grand Staircase, the Balcony Lobby is a beautiful site for weddings, cocktail parties, social events or private parties.

        The Gold Patrons Lounge is a perfect location to have your next company retreat, business meeting, or luncheon. Room for up to 60 guests.

        Mamie's is perfect for small intimate gatherings and celebrations. The perfect spot for a rehearsal dinner, bridal shower or luncheon. We can also accommodate corporate pre-show cocktail parties and events. Accommodates 40-60 guests.

        The Art Gallery is fit for the perfect social gathering. Bring your friends or co-workers and enjoy the latest Art show in the gallery with cocktails and Hors d'oeuvres

        Need help planning your event?

        Our professional consulting staff would be happy to talk with you. Simply call 717.337.8216 or fill out our online form here.

        Majestic Theatre
        25 Carlisle Street
        Gettysburg PA 17325
        :: Get Directions

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