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"We had many compliments on the food and set up. Thank you so much for all of your help especially on short notice" - Merrill Lynch

"The room looked awesome, food was delicious, everything was perfect. Thanks so much!" - Heidler Roofing

"Our Event went very Well our guests complimented that the food was excellent" - United Way

"The staff and food were fantastic as always, Thank you very much!" York County Chamber of Commerce

"Your entire staff did a great job on our event" - Frito Lay

"The servers working for your company are very professional and do very well at their job" - BAE Systems

"We were very impressed with the options available and the pricing compared to other locations. We didnít think twice after our meeting to have our reception at Ski Roundtop. We received a lot of compliments on how nice everything was." - Galloway/Unger Wedding

"Everyone was amazing and very easy to work with. We were quite pleased with the service, quality of food and timing of the event, Thanks!" - Guertin/Mason Wedding August 2008

"Our reception blew us away. The food, service and the custom cake still have people talking. Thank you for going above and beyond to make it the reception that we envisioned." - Gohn/Lunsford Wedding May 2008

"We have received nothing but positive comments from our guests. From the location for the outdoor wedding in the North Lot to the quality of the food and originality of the wedding cake. We are so happy we decided to get married at Ski Roundtop. A familiar place for us as a couple and a central location for our guests. The staff was friendly and they were there when we needed anything." - Emig/Albert Wedding May 2008

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