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Wedding Q&A

What is the room rental charge for the facility?
There is an additional room rental for each facility on top of the package price. Room rentals vary by location, time of year and day of the week. For room rental rates please contact the sales office.

What is included with the "Customized Wedding Cake"
A standard three or four tier cake, any flavor in each tier, butter cream frosting, basic design and color, flowers for the top of the cake. Things that would add cost would be flavor fillings or fondant icing.

Is there a cake cutting fee?
There is not a cake cutting fee for cakes purchased through Altland House. If you chooses a wedding package and bring in your own cake the package price will not be reduced.

Can the package be customized?
Yes, we can remove or add things to any package. If you choose a more expensive package your may choose entrees from a lesser package with no additional cost. If you choose a less expensive package you can upgrade by adding more expensive entrees for an up charge amount. Please speak to your sales associate for a quote.

Is there additional gratuity or service charge?
Service charge is not included in the wedding packages. All food and beverage items are subject to a 20% service charge. This charge covers the staff that will set up your room, service your event, including the bartender and clean up after the event.

Can I bring decorations?
Yes you may bring whatever additional decor that you wish to provide for your event. Please see the portion in your contract for restrictions on decor.

Altland House Of York's Staff will set up centerpieces, place cards and other small items. However, they are not able to do extensive decorating of the room. This can be done by the client based upon availability of the room or for an additional set up charge.

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